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What is Muscular Therapy?

Muscular Therapy was developed in the 1960’s by Ben Benjamin, PhD (Sports Medicine). This bodywork system incorporates Swedish massage, deep tissue bodywork, and myofascial and friction therapies.

According to the Benjamin system, in most cases of chronic pain the real culprit is adhesive scar tissue formation. The body responds to soft tissue injury by producing scar tissue wherever muscles, tendons or ligaments are located. When adhesive scar tissue forms, all movement that pulls, stretches or compresses the injured and inflamed tissue causes pain.  

Muscular therapy treats a variety of pain, injury, body perception and muscle tension problems. Techniques are used specifically to reduce scar tissue that accumulates because of injury to soft tissue structures in the body.

What is Orthopedic Massage?

1) injury evaluation:

During an orthopedic session I will assess the injury using information based on Dr. James E. Cyriax, the father of orthopedic medicine. These are simple but precise physical tests that help determine where the exact site of injury resides.

2) Treatment:

This involves working on the actual site of injury with cross fiber friction techniques. After the friction, time is spent massaging the area around the injury to increase circulation and promote healing. If the injury is due to overuse or stress relaxing the entire person will be a part of the session.

3) Homework:

In most cases you will be given a very precise protocol of movement, stretching and icing to assist in the tissue healing.

What other services do you offer?

Relaxation massage

Tutorials in body mechanics & alignment for massage therapists

Consultation with other LMT's on clients with injuries

Workshops for massage therapist in Down to the Bone massage.

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue and myofascial work address the muscular and connective tissues using various methods that elongate and alter the fascia layer, increasing range of motion and pain free mobility, as well as releasing trigger points, often called 'knots', within the muscle itself. This deep work requires extra time to warm up the tissue, breaking up scar tissue (adhesions), and releasing trigger points. This work is highly recommended to rehabilitate injury or to alleviate chronic pain.


30 minutes      fifty-five dollars

60 minutes      ninety-five dollars

90 minutes      one hundred twenty-five dollars

I do offer home visits for those who cannot get to my office. These session run 60 to 90

minutes. The rate is $175 dollars.

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